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Jonas method

offers wide use for spouses - from the calculation of natural contraception, through the chart of fertile days and of conception of a viable child to dates for a baby boy or girl.
The reliability of the method during 60 years is 98,6%.


The method

Conception method of Dr. Eugen Jonas is based on two independent and separate cycles of fertile days in women.
The first one, when the conception occurs in 85% of all cases is determined by the biorhythm and calculated for each woman individually. The second cycle of fertile days is dependent on the period.
No medication is taken thus the method has no negative effect on the body.

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Dr. Eugen Jonas

"Such an important event as the birth of a new human being has to have its rules.
There are certain principles which regulate fertile and infertile days of a woman, it is only necessary to find them."

Slovak doctor and the author of the method of NATURAL CONCEPTION CONTROL

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Hello Dr. Jonas,
we had been trying for a baby for 3 years, with no success. According to your calculation we conceived our son (I was diagnosed with endometriosis and one of my ovary ...
Dear Dr. Jonas,
I am a grateful mother who used your small calculation and after 7 years of waiting gave birth to a healthy boy. Words are not enough to thank you ...
Dear Dr. Jonas,
Thank you for the calculation. We had been trying for our second baby for a few years, even 2 IVF treatments were unsuccessful. The problem was with sperm and we ...
Dr. Jonas,
thanks for the fertility chart. For our second child we have been trying for years. The medical experts gave us no hope to conceive a baby caused by sperm problem (low ...