I am interested in a type II calculation – gender selection –; unfortunately I do not know my time of birth. Is it possible to find out this piece of information?

The time of your birth should be included in your medical record. Or you can try to ask the maternity ward archives or some of your family members who could provide such information.
For a small calculation the approximate time is sufficient e.g. around 9.00, between 8-9.00.
For a special calculation, however, the exact time of your birth - with an inaccuracy of maximum four minutes - is necessary.

How to fill in the „cycle length“ properly?

The length of a menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of the last period to the first day of the next period. e.g.: the period started on the 1st July and the next one began on the 29th July, so the length of the cycle is 28 days.
If your cycle varies, simply enter its range. e.g. 27 to 31 days.
If you have an irregular cycle, it is sufficient to state that is irregular.

Can we succeed despite the fact I and my husband have certain health problems?

The calculations of natural conception control show your fertile days, i.e. the days when you can conceive. Therefore the calculation can be used when a spontaneous pregnancy is possible (i.e. at least one of the woman’s ovaries is functional as well as the oviduct and womb; and in the man the sperm is present). Otherwise the health problems have to be consulted with and eliminated by medical specialists.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis / PCO. Can I still get pregnant?

Calculations have been successful even in these cases. It is very individual though. Please mention this in your application form.
In order to improve your condition (period cycle, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, strengthening the wall of the womb, other), the lady's mantle tea (Alchemilla) has a positive effect. The tea should be drunken 6 days a week; the seventh day is without tea. For instance, the tea is drunken from Monday to Saturday, on Sunday no tea. This cycle 6+1 is repeated. It is good to start with 2-3 cups a day and gradually reduce the dosage to one cup a day.

My husband has a problem with sperm formation, can I nevertheless get pregnant?

The problem with sperm formation is, unfortunately, very common nowadays. But for a conception one single sperm is necessary. The condition might be improved by changing habits.
Vitamins C and E have a positive effect on sperm formation. The grape seed extract, which is rich in antioxidants, is very beneficial. Another option is an extract from the plant Lepidium meyenii (maca). Food types such as dairy products, eggs, lean red meat, liver, nuts can also help. Limit the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
Naturally, this is a long-term process.

I have not been pregnant yet. Is a type IV-calculation necessary?

The type IV-calculation is necessary in cases when a pregnancy ended with a miscarriage or if some other complications occurred or you are suffering from some health problems. Our statistics show that the probability of complications we cannot predict (due to external factors, inaccurate data, etc.) is very small - up to 0.5%.

How long does it take to get pregnant?

It is a very individual matter, whether you get pregnant on the very first date shown in a calculation, or whether it will take longer. Statistically, during the first year of using our calculations two thirds of the women become pregnant, in the second year the next half of them and in the third year also the rest of the women.

I am interested in the extension of the calculation for another year, how should I apply?

For an extension of the calculation it is not necessary to fill in the application form anymore. Simply send your previous filled calculation back to us. Please add the date of the last period, and any information that has changed in the meantime. Registration of your application will be confirmed by an e-mail.

When do I receive the calculation?

The calculation is sent within 48 hours after an application and payment for the calculation have been received. If you do not receive anything within this time period, please contact us.

If you can not find answers to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.