Special calculation

IF YOU KNOW THE EXACT TIME OF YOUR BIRTH WITH THE PRECISION TO FOUR MINUTES (that is the maximum margin allowed at which we can guarantee the reliability of a calculation), WE CAN PROVIDE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CALCULATIONS FOR YOU :

  1. Naturally infertile days – contraception
  2. Gender selection – fertile days for conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl
  3. Optimal fertile days – (for women who cannot become pregnant, although they are healthy and able to have children – primary sterility – and their husbands are also able to have children). If there is so called reduced number of sperms, this does not mean that the couple cannot have children.
  4. The dates of "good vitality" – if a woman has suffered a miscarriage or had an abortion or complications with the foetus (unviable, with some developmental defect – physical or mental, a stillborn child, death of the newly – born child within a fortnight after the birth), genetic disorders, etc.

SPECIAL calculation includes:

  • gender of the planned child
  • the time of the child's birth (whether the delivery is during the day or night)
  • gender of the next child

e.g. if you have not been pregnant yet, you can choose the gender of your first planned child and also the gender of your second child; no matter if the second child will be conceived in one year or five years later.
If you have got e.g. one child, you can choose the gender of your second child, together with the gender of your third child, no matter if the third child will be conceived in one year or five years later.

The calculations are made for one year ahead, beginning with the date of the last menses (period). If you do not have a period (due to miscarriage, childbirth, etc.), the calculation will be made from the current month onwards.

The calculation takes into account the place where the calculation will be used. The "special" calculation is only valid and reliable in a small region only. If you move district, countries, it is better to check with us and if necessary, to have a new calculation made.

If you do not know the time of your birth with the precision to four minutes, do not apply "special", but "small" calculation.

All data needed for a calculation are strictly confidential (medical confidentiality) and are used for the calculation only.

Other information:

If you are interested in a calculation, please fill out the application form. After you have submitted your Application form, we will send you an e-mail confirmation.

The time of the birth must be entered correctly, e.g. 00h 00min = midnight, 06h 00min = six in the morning, 12h 00min = midday, 23h 59min = one minute before the midnight.

If previous pregnancy ended with miscarriage/ abortion, provide information that you know (at least required fields). Also, if the labour was terminated by caesarean section or was artificially accelerated, it is necessary to mention. And complications during pregnancy, childbirth, other.

The calculation is send with the instructions, their observation is a precondition of calculation’s reliability.

Answers to other questions can be found in section FAQ.